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20 year old Tori is a Las Vegas native and self proclaimed wild child and party girl. Usually when a girl brags about how much she likes to “party” it means “I’m a total slut and will do anything for attention”, so it’s not a real shocker when this porn first-timer gives TC head while still in the car. What IS surprising, however, is how tight her pussy turns out to be. We’re talking vice grip tight, with only the smaller toys able to fit inside her. A girl who brags about a life of bad choices usually has seen a double digit set of cocks but somehow this one manages to stay near-virgin tight. Good for our man TC! All that YOLO and party attitude comes with a pretty interesting side though: Tori is an actual Las Vegas show girl, with the feathers and the dancing and the whole thing. Despite doing sexy dances in front of thousands of Vegas patrons every day, Tori manages to stay single. Well, kind of. She keeps a few boys for sex around. Friends with benefits, she calls them. That young lady has got it made, all the cock she wants, none of the drama. It does take our porn newbie a little while to really get into the spirit today. The fact that even that pink toy barely fit into her tight pussy wasn’t giving her a lot of confidence for what was about to come next. But once she gave TC some head and deep-throat to get him super hard, TC’s cock magic put her at ease. That dude just knows how to handle a lady, no matter how tight or nervous. Tori teeters between hesitation and bliss and can only get her head into things toward the middle and end of the fuck session. Once she does though, it’s orgasm time, for both of them. A good but not remarkable shoot with a real first-timer from Las Vegas. If Tori can learn to let go a bit and enjoy herself, she’d make a great porn star one day. Or Flamingo Road hooker. Either way.
ExploitedCollegeGirls Tori





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