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ExploitedCollegeGirlsHD Fiona Sprouts Every now and then a girl comes along with that sparks your curiosity the way 20yr old Fiona Sprouts has and you know that if you just probe deeper there is more to this girls story than what meets the eye. Now we here at ExCoGi have been doing this for a combined 28 years now and we are not surprised by very much these days. But, and this is a BIG but, little old Fiona certainly threw JJay a few curve balls to start out her very first sex on camera / porn shoot interview. Things begin innocently enough with our doe-eyed milky skinned newbie in the shower cleaning that presumed squeaky-clean pussy, ass and mind. And lets just say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Especially when the cover has “Beard Slut” tattooed on its ass. That’s right, little miss goody two shoes loves beards sooooooo much that’s her way of hitting on guys. When she sees a bearded guy she wants to fuck she just looks at him and lifts her skirt to show her intentions. Got to love it and kudos for originality. But having “Beard Slut” tattooed on her ass isn’t the craziest or wildest thing this fairly new-to-kink starlet has done. “What’s the craziest thing she’s done Steve?” you ask. Well here’s one thing I’ll divulge about the interview. She once went to a kinky hot couple’s house for a “bloodletting” party. Yea, I had to look it up also: Bloodletting [ bluhd-let-ing ] “Parties” – I’d say this is a very loose interpretation of a party, but it involves what is called “arterial tapping”, whereby a dominant partner, the “Santos”, taps a submissive partner’s artery – the ultimate in bondage where the dominant partner controls actual blood flow. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the extreme dangers of this. Sounds like fun and something the whole family can enjoy, right? Oh, the “Santos” then poured her own blood over her face, and then preceded to face-fucked her adorable food hole. WOW!!! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!! Were not in Kansas anymore Toto that’s for sure. The most unusually bizarre part of this was, yes that wasn’t the most unusually bizarre part, she said all this while having a devilishly coy smile on that pretty unsuspecting face. “It really turned me on too” was the next unsuspecting
ExploitedCollegeGirlsHD Fiona Sprouts





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