Naomi Swann (Sibling Seductions Part 1)

Naomi Swann (Sibling Seductions Part 1) Naomi walks into the bathroom she shares with her step-brother, Van, when she notices the door to his room is cracked open. She glances in to discover him masturbating. It turns her on to think he left the door open so she could watch him. She starts playing with her pussy and gets so lost in the fantasy that she forgets herself, leans on the open door, and comes crashing into his room. He accuses her of eaves dropping, while she says he keeps leaving the door open on purpose, because he wants her to catch him. Both are correct and they know it. Soon Naomi is on his bed stroking his huge cock. Her hands are a little dry so she first spits, then licks, then starts swallowing his cock to get it nice and wet so she can cram it in her tiny pussy. He stuffs his throbbing dick in her as she moans with excitement. Then he tosses her petite body on the bed and fucks her hard before their parents get home and catch them. When she cums, her pussy clinches hard around his cock. He immediately pulls out and blows his huge load all over her perfect body.
Naomi Swann (Sibling Seductions Part 1)





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